The Latest Config HTTP INJECTOR For XL No Limit, No shock And Quickly Connect March-May 2017

Lately XL often replace bug, on this occasion also I will share the latest config HI to XL.
The bug is still using the old one, but in this config there are changes to the Protocol, once there is a change of Protocol speed feels the more toned and more stable never disconnect I feel.

To be able to enjoy free internet XL there are terms you should do, what is his condition? the requirement is the need to use cards XL hehehe
With this latest speed bug semakan quickly on network 4G, note only the pictures that I take after testing speed on Speedtest apps on android,

If you feel after using this config but speed noticeably slow or not even work at all, it's all back again to the network, Phone (maybe) and many more other issues.
For those of you who still do not know how to work with, I've made an article titled how to use HTTP INJECTOR please read the tutorial.
Here I am using the latest HTTP INJECTOR, you must also use the latest HTTP INJECTOR (build 59) If you are using old version of HTTP INJECTOR, the possibility of this config will never has you import, if you want HTTP INJCETOR the latest version can be downloaded here HTTP INJECTOR Download the lates.

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