Josss New SSH Fresh Server Singapore Ex 14 March 2017 Fullspeed

If the ssh account that yesterday I share already expired, here I will share back ssh account premium, from singapore, as for the matter of that speed returned to the bug or the provider itself, for example the current version, if you use a card account and use ssh Axis SGGS then your friends using ssh account SGDO and XL then your friends is the fastest.
Above is an example for the time being, why I say like that? because the card already curtailed his speed Axis if using package KZL, another story if axis cards used do not use the package entirely or in call mode 0p0k.

Speed issues are indeed many problems either of the Management Protocol, compounding the bugs and much more.
Here's my latest connfig provides also for the sim card to the sim card and also tri xl, if you want to taste him, please go the following link. Download Config HI Tri jatim Config and Download HI XL Jabar.
If you want to get ssh free a month, please join us, we will fanspage share ssh one month free just for you lovers of free.
For those of you who do not know how to use ssh please read his tutorial here how to use SSH + android users to Inject, please go read the tutorial here how to use SSH on android.

Hopefully with a bit of an explanation you can understand what I'm talking about.
OK just downloaded his ssh account below.

Expired date 14 March 2017

New Update

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