Free SSH Account SgDo FULL Speed Test

Again I ssh account update from the server sgdo which is located in singapore, the singapore server is no doubt a matter of speed.
Fore currently I try to add a server so that you can enjoy the sggs full speed.
For a while does not harm to try this sgdo server, indeed many providers of free ssh account but want to create only full server continues, here agan no longer need to make, just have to download the txt file and then it will get it for free.
Our server has been tested his speed and problem is not in v again, just look at my speed test results are amazingly steady.
A question of speed, we never limit it but we were very severely agan use it to:
-Reupload and Repost Your Account
-Spam etc.
-Use it wisely, So we can continue provide free SSH and VPN accounts.

The prohibition solely to keep the server does not suspend and you can also enjoy a free daily ssh from us.
Please download the file below.

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