Download MMD Fwcombie Complate Tunnel and Plink

Tool SSH, SSH tool Latest Update tool MMD Fast Connection Fwcombie November 2016 Complete Tunnel and Plink - MMD long and is the most prominent in the Feature Usage. To update MMD this time his feature wider than the old version, because in it is contained Tunnel Bitvise and Plink, but it is also still a lot of the features contained in this MMD.

Device System :
Device System still have to see the same data as MMD Previous Versions

Dialer :
Dialer still have the same feature, but it is written in the data where the data download and upload of data.

SMS : 
In the SMS feature is also still the same, just a different look.

With this feature you can see the remaining balance or quota

 SSH :
With ssh feature, you no longer need to open a lot of programs.

Plink, is the latest feature in put in this MMD, Plink useful as tunnelin SSH Account. besides Plink SSH Tunnel is still available as well Bitvise, and OpenVPN.

 There are many more features that are on offer, if you want to try it please download the file below

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